Two announcements in March highlighted the fact that 700 new jobs will be coming to Carmel in the next five years. NextGear Capital held a ribbon cutting at their new headquarters in Carmel and announced they will expand its workforce, adding about 225 jobs by 2015.

High-tech job growth is not all about Silicon Valley any more, according to a new survey by Forbes Magazine that ranks the Indianapolis-Carmel area as the 9th fastest-growing area when it comes to the creation of jobs in the technology sector.

It’s only natural for parents to want what’s best for their kids and offer them every possible advantage. With this in mind, named Carmel a Top 10 Best City for Kids, 2014. Carmel not only offers great schools, playgrounds and low crime rates, it also gives children opportunities to live healthy lifestyles and engage in a multitude of activities with other kids.

Executives from Systems in Motion, LLC, an enterprise technology consulting firm, announced the company’s plans to expand its operations in Kokomo and Carmel, creating up to 400 new high-wage jobs by 2017.

Mayor Jim Brainard presented Jack Badger with the Pillar of the Community Award during CarmelFest on July 4th, 2014. Badger is the first recipient of the award, created to honor an individual who has made extraordinary contributions to Carmel’s business, civic, social, educational, and cultural communities.

Researchers at the IU Public Policy Institute have begun a study of the City of Carmel’s City Center redevelopment efforts. The study will consider the outcomes and impacts of the redevelopment as well as the planning and development process and financing strategy.

The far-reaching study will include a look back at 20 years of redevelopment activity and will include an in-depth study of how the city has changed, including a look at property values, business growth and tax revenues using figures from a variety of sources.

Major highway projects are always a challenge for motorists and businesses, and this summer’s U.S. 31 project – which the city supports as a vital improvement to the highway through Carmel – has nonetheless been particularly hard on many of Carmel’s restaurants and shops who depend on the corridor for customers.

Mayor Jim Brainard served as a keynote speaker and panelist at a special climate change event hosted by The New Republic at the Freedom Forum in Washington, D.C. in December. The event, The State of Climate Change, focused on federal climate policy. Brainard was appointed to the Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience by President Barack Obama. The President established this Task Force to advise the Administration on how the Federal Government can respond to the needs of communities nationwide that are dealing with the impacts of climate change.

Mayor Jim Brainard, Governor Mike Pence, and Berkshire Hathaway Chairman Warren Buffett joined GEICO CEO Tony Nicely in July, 2013, for the official grand opening of GEICO’s facility in Carmel. Benefits have been evident ever since.

As GEICO opened its office in Carmel, it employed 250 newly hired sales and service associates, their training and supervisory teams, as well as additional management and support staff.

Many buildings make up the Carmel City Center. Two of these that have been completed over the past year are The Nash and The Mezz.

The Nash, which is part of Phase II of Carmel City Center, was designed to serve as part of a new downtown area for the city. The Nash is located just south of the existing City Center retail/residential buildings along Range Line Road, just north of First Financial Bank at 902 South Range Line Road.

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