New bike-sharing system another sign of progress in Carmel

I was very pleased to help our city launch a new bike-sharing program using bikes from Zagster, which has an innovative program and uses a local Carmel company to supply its locks. With this program, we have one more positive, quality-of-life feature that helps us attract corporate headquarters and a highly educated and qualified workforce.

This program is just one part of our grand plan to continue to attract jobs and corporate partners, whose presence helps keep our property taxes low ... so low that we have the lowest taxes of any city of our size or greater in the state of Indiana!

Here are the details on the bike-sharing program ...


CARMEL, IN – The City of Carmel opened the first two locations for the Carmel Bike Share program this afternoon; One is at City Center, east of the Monon Greenway by the Palladium; another is in the Arts & Design District next to the Monon Greenway by Bazbeaux Pizza. The Carmel Bike Share includes 16 adult bicycles and six adult 3-wheeled bicycles. This is Zagster’s first location in the country to include adult trikes among the bikes offered to rent.
Working with Zagster, the City’s program is designed to provide active transportation options for local residents, workers and visitors who seek a safe and convenient way to access the City’s vibrant developments and corporate corridors. The demonstration showed how easy it is to use the Zagster app to rent the bikes on a cell phone.
The City contracted with Zagster because of the unique way the program is designed, allowing for other organizations to contract directly with Zagster and establish their own connection points. From the City’s initial investment, entities such as Carmel Clay Parks, local hotels, shopping districts, corporate office parks, neighborhood associations and individual businesses will be able to establish their own connection points for what will become a city-wide active transportation network, funded by users and both public and private sectors.
We are aware of negotiations between Zagster and several local entities already including Hamilton County Tourism, Carmel Clay Parks, and the Clay Township Trustee. The City also hopes adjacent communities will participate, providing connectivity throughout the north side of Indianapolis and Hamilton County.
               “Carmel is proud to be recognized as a bicycle-friendly community and with our 90-plus roundabouts and more than 170 miles of multi-use paths, we have always placed a high value on transportation alternatives for both residents and visitors,” said Mayor Jim Brainard. “Zagster was one of the first companies to establish a bike-sharing program in the U.S. and the company has been successful in developing individually-tailored systems for mixed-use developments and universities such as Duke and Yale. It’s also a nice connection that Carmel-based Allegion is a provider of the automated locks used by Zagster.”
               Under Carmel Bike Share, users will establish their own accounts through Zagster’s mobile app on online at and then be able to rent a bike from one rack and return to it any Zagster operated bike share rack in the city. Carmel Bike Share fees are $3 an hour to rent with a cap of $24 for up to a 24-hour period. A $15 monthly or $75 annual fee would include unlimited rides lasting less than one hour, with additional hours being charged at $3 an hour to a maximum of $24 for up to a 24-hour period. As the system expands in Carmel and beyond, each individual entity that provides bikes and docks will have the ability to set its own rates.
The City will pay Zagster $1,320 per year per bike, plus a one-time set-up fee of $8,600, which includes two bike docks with automated locking systems, 16 adult bikes, six adult 3-wheeled bikes, the maintenance and repositioning of the bikes and customer services. The agreement also calls for the City to receive 93 percent of the net usage fees from the fare box revenues.
Zagster is a leader in bike sharing programs for the real estate industry and universities across the country. For more information on Zagster, go to

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