My plan to improve Carmel's East Side

Last week, I announced a far-reaching plan to improve traffic flow and infrastructure on the East Side of Carmel. This aggressive infrastructure improvement plan includes many projects that will get underway in 2015 and others that are in the planning stages this year for completion in the next few years.

Several new roundabouts, bike paths and extensions, landscaping projects and a new (township-funded) fire station to serve East of Keystone residents are all part of the plans I announced at a press conference held at Carmel City Hall.

You can read the complete news release here.

Here is one of my comments, which was included in a press release.

“Carmel consistently ranks among the best cities to live for a variety of reasons, but it is also important we not rest on our laurels. We want to make sure our residents have safe and efficient streets, strong public safety and neighborhoods that connect with Carmel’s vibrant and walkable environment. We have worked hard to build world-class city, but at the same time we need to continue investing in our neighborhoods.”

Why the emphasis on the East Side?

In 2010, we opened the new Keystone Parkway, which provided unprecedented access for East Side residents to safely and easily drive, walk or bicycle across Keystone, which up until then had been a congested, four-lane busy highway that was very dangerous to cross. That was a good thing for thousands of residents.

But, in the subsequent years, we turned our attention to the West Side of Carmel, particularly the West Clay areas that were annexed, and to our central core where we have been focused on developing our City Center and Arts & Design District.

The strength of any city is directly tied to the quality of life experienced by its residents. And that holds true no matter where you live. I am very happy to announce the list of priorities that I have outlined for the East Side.

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