Mayor Brainard: Member of President's Climate Task Force and Keynote Speaker

Mayor Jim Brainard served as a keynote speaker and panelist at a special climate change event hosted by The New Republic at the Freedom Forum in Washington, D.C. in December. The event, The State of Climate Change, focused on federal climate policy. Brainard was appointed to the Task Force on Climate Preparedness and Resilience by President Barack Obama. The President established this Task Force to advise the Administration on how the Federal Government can respond to the needs of communities nationwide that are dealing with the impacts of climate change. The Task Force members includes state, local, and tribal leaders from across the country who will use their first-hand experiences in building climate preparedness and resilience in their communities to inform their recommendations to the Administration. This appointment by the president led to Brainard's speaking engagement with The New Republic. The mayor will be featured on a panel of experts that includes Mayor Bob Dixson of Greensburg, KS, who also was appointed to President Obama’s new Task Force; Vicki Arroyo, Executive Director, Georgetown Climate Center, Georgetown University Law Center; Joseph Goffman, Senior Counsel, Office of Air and Radiation, United States Environmental Protection Agency; Jonathan Cohn, Senior Editor, The New Republic; Frank Foer, Editor, The New Republic; Tom Perriello, President and CEO, Center for American Progress Action Fund and Counselor for Policy, Center for American Progress . “It is an honor to join this distinguished panel to discuss a matter of supreme importance to our nation and our cities. I look forward to sharing some of our success stories in Carmel while learning about others as well,” said Mayor Brainard. The New Republic is a magazine that covers politics, culture, and big ideas from a thought-provoking perspective. Well-known for its century-old tradition of providing context and analysis beyond the daily headlines, The New Republic has evolved into a media company that produces live events that focus on the most pressing issues of the day. Some 150-200 thought leaders on energy and the environment from Capitol Hill, advocacy groups, NGOs, law firms, think tanks, top universities, and businesses will be in attendance at the event being underwritten by the Center for American Progress. On his appointment to the President's task force, Brainard said, “I thank the President for inviting my service on this important panel. My participation will bring a perspective that reflects the reality of managing tight budgets in the face of federal mandates. As a republican Mayor, I intend to share my ideas on environmental stewardship with the responsibility of fostering an economy that creates jobs and improves the quality of life for all citizens. I plan to work for ideas and consensus on sensible policy for a sound future while protecting our cities and economy from government overreach,” said Mayor Brainard.

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