Six New Buildings Planned for Carmel City Center

The City of Carmel and Pedcor Companies unveiled plans and conceptual designs for six new buildings as part of the next phases of development for Carmel City Center. The unveiling took place in December, 2013.

Pedcor Companies has leased to more than 100 businesses despite the recent recession and due to the positive growth experienced. Pedcor announced six additional buildings that have already been planned and designed for construction at Carmel City Center.

The new buildings for the next phase will be The Baldwin, The Chambers, The Holland, The Wren Towers, Pedcor Square Building Five, and another parking garage.

“Pedcor Companies is proud to continue to be a part of creating a vibrant Carmel City Center, a place where our community can gather to dine, shop, do business, or simply reside in the heart of the city,” said Bruce Cordingley, President and CEO of Pedcor Companies. With the announcement made in December, Cordingley continued, “At this time of the year, especially, it’s exciting to see how the Carmel City Center is becoming a picturesque part of the holiday landscape and a place to create traditions for local residents and visitors. It is with much pride that we unveil these projects today as further testament to the passion for beautiful architecture embraced by the City of Carmel."

Carmel Mayor Jim Brainard applauded this significant step toward completing the redevelopment of this key component in the heart of the city.

“We are very pleased to partner with Pedcor Companies and continue the years of hard work to redevelop this vital area in our city,” said Mayor Brainard.

The Mayor went on to say that, "The announcement is further evidence that the overall plan to wisely invest tax incremental financing dollars in conjunction with private investment continues to prove successful. As recent major employers have relocated to Carmel, it’s clear that businesses want to locate here - people want to live here.

“And," the mayor continued, "as a member of the President’s new task force of climate change, it’s important to point out that we are adding these buildings and businesses right here in the heart of our city, where infrastructure already exists. We continue to encourage our tradition of mixed-use, high-density projects that are business-friendly, resident-friendly, and situated as such to encourage walking and biking, which is much better for the environment.”

The Baldwin and Chambers buildings will be located directly south of Carmel City Center and immediately north of The Nash. The buildings are planned to be four-story buildings with up to 15,000 square feet per floor. The first two floors will consist of one level of partial and single story office and commercial retail space. The top two floors will be residential.

The Holland building, a planned five-story building, will be built west of The Nash and east of the James building (where the Tarkington Theatre and Studio Theaters are located). The Holland will have up to 12,500 square feet per floor with the first story proposed for commercial office space or retail, and the remaining four floors for residential or commercial offices.

The Wren Towers is planned to include a six to seven story tower. The first floor will be ground level and will consist of parking and 11,579 square feet of commercial space. The second floor on plaza level will have 13,996 square feet of commercial space. The third through seventh floors will consist of residences.

There will be an additional garage planned immediately west of The Nash and south of Carmel City Center. The parking garage is planned to be four or five levels with retail and/or commercial office space on part of the ground level.

Pedcor Square Building 5 will be a two-story office building with up to 10,000 square feet per floor. The building will connect to the underground parking garage. A partial third story could be added for an additional 5,000 square feet.

The announcement was made while work on The Nash building was already underway. More than half the commercial space is already leased at The Nash. There is strong interest in the remaining space as construction continues. The Nash, a three-story, $10 million mixed-use building, is being built just south of City Center on the west side of Range Line Road. It will contain thirty-one apartments ranging from one, two and three bedrooms on the second and third floors and 8,000 square feet of commercial space at street level.

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