I wanted to share a link to a recent column by Matt Tully of The Indianapolis Star. Matt, who writes often about state and local politics, has kept an eye on our redevelopment efforts in Carmel. This latest column does a really nice job of summing up our vision. And it ends with a nice little surprise.

I hope you give it a read ... (link below).


I was very pleased to help our city launch a new bike-sharing program using bikes from Zagster, which has an innovative program and uses a local Carmel company to supply its locks. With this program, we have one more positive, quality-of-life feature that helps us attract corporate headquarters and a highly educated and qualified workforce.

I warmly welcome all to the following event ...


Last week, I announced a far-reaching plan to improve traffic flow and infrastructure on the East Side of Carmel. This aggressive infrastructure improvement plan includes many projects that will get underway in 2015 and others that are in the planning stages this year for completion in the next few years.

I was pleased to get an endorsement by the professional real estate community, the Metropolitan Indianapolis Board of Realtors (MIBOR) which handed down an endorsement and suport of our campaign.

Greetings. I am happy to announce that I have officially filed for re-election for the Office of Mayor of Carmel, Indiana. I first became Mayor in 1996 and have enjoyed serving our citizens for five terms. There is still much more to do as we build our city into the best place in America to live, work and play. I hope you join me in this effort as we move forward with our campaign.

As I begin to campaign for my next term as Mayor of Carmel, this is my response to Councilman Rick Sharp, my opponent in this election.

“I’m looking forward to a good discussion of the issues. This is our system. Every four years, the voters get a chance to choose who they want to lead their city. We are going to work very hard to make certain that voters have access to the information they need to make their decision."

Sustainable Indiana 2016 and the Indiana Bicentennial Commission presented Mayor Jim Brainard and the city of Carmel its esteemed Bicentennial Green Legacy Community Award recently at the Sustainable Living Seminar hosted by Carmel Green Initiative at the Carmel Clay Public Library.

Carmel emerged with money in the bank in 2014, due to strong fiscal planning and despite struggles felt by many other cities across the country.

At the end of 2013, the General Fund Balance was $1.8 million. Strong management of the city’s money and spending has allowed Carmel’s taxes to remain low, while providing excellent city services to residents.

Carmel was named Safest Suburb in America by the Movoto Blog, which is a website focused on the real estate industry. The group did a survey of 120 suburban cities across America and compared FBI 2012 crime statistics, including actual crimes reported. They also considered the low odds of being a victim of a crime in Carmel.

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