Honoring a remarkable volunteer

One of the privileges of being Mayor of a great city like Carmel is the ability to formally recognize some of the great people who live here. One of those is Rosemary Waters who received a Pillar of the Community honor on Friday. Here is a little more about her and the many things she has done for our city.
As Mayor of Carmel, it was my honor and privilege to recognize this 25-year resident and consummate volunteer for the city of Carmel – Rosemary Waters – with the Pillar of the Community Award!
Rosemary’s involvement in volunteering for the community began in 1996 when she signed up as a volunteer for the annual Carmel International Arts Festival. She became President of the International Arts Festival in 2006 and served for nine years, guiding the relocation of this event from Providence Apartments at Old Meridian to the Arts and Design District in 2007.
More importantly, under Rosemary’s watch, the International Arts Festival grew from 45 artists in 2006 to 135 highly talented, juried artists … 2 music and event stages … and an estimated 30,000 visitors in 2014. At The Center for the Performing Arts – Rosemary was one of the five founding Executive Board Members. She also served on the Gala committee and was Co-chair for both the inaugural Gala and second year Gala. She also served on the Development Committee for The Center.
Rosemary, who is passionate about her love for the arts, also has served on the board of the Carmel Arts Council since 2006 and was treasurer for that Council from 2007 to 2010. Always aware of the importance of recognizing our history, Rosemary has served on the board of the Carmel Clay Historical Society, where she served as treasurer.
And like many of our Pillars of the Community, Rosemary seems to be finding it hard to retire from public service. I understand she has accepted an invitation to become a board member for Actors Theatre of Indiana – an organization that will certainly benefit from Rosemary’s experience and spirit of community.
It was also very nice that Rosemary’s husband, Paxton Waters and son, Benjamin, who now lives in New York City, were able to join us for the presentation.

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